Cars- The Lifestyle Chosen

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I never knew I could do this, rather wasn’t expecting what today would be like.
How long does the journey take?
Watch for a lifetime, live the lifestyle. Lots of people out there are living the lifestyle (Manny Khoshbin, Supercarblondie, Shmee150, Thestradman, The_collection1) numbers actually doesn’t quantify.
Living a life, a life that was a dream (many already living it).

Bugatti Chiron Hermes
Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron and 1 of 1 Bugatti Chiron Hermes

When the voice is heard, words scribbled out: DREAM.
A land of imagination, a land of absolute impossibility becoming possible, one of infinite creativity.
Guard the thoughts, the gateway to reality.

Porsche GT2RS
Porsche GT2RS

Reveal just as it is to be to yourself. Absolute understanding is the case.
How is it received?
No, you don’t receive, it is given.
A shot downstream, I realize it is before my eyes to see within before outwardly.

Why must it be just for the present!!!
Preserving the past, capturing the present and inspiring the future.
Words are the foundation to the future, thoughts supreme to words as I write this words.
I let go because alone; the lone warrior perseveres all that appear at intervals.
Dual, interesting and the total understanding of two individuals integrate.
At this point in time, I find myself in standstill.

SA Aperta
Laferrari and Ferrari SA Aperta

An amazing place I have found myself, everyone is actually trudging a road. Although one become misconstrued by the many activities visible.
Even shadows lurking seeking what’s to come.
Don’t even think about it for it is my journey. The line is an infinite one, don’t lose guard even once.

Koenigsegg Agera RS
Koenigsegg Agera RS

So why the pictures of cars, one might ask… For me its just a true expression of myself of what’s attainable and what is to come.

The car world is a space that has been on the roll for so many and would still make a place for anyone with the commitment to make it come. A list could go on and on to which automobile is the ideal one, just note that its an infinite one because it is an endless stream.

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