Radical Concept Car – FORD GT90

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I’d call this a rare specimen, just the absolute concept car of the 90’s; a radical concept brought into fruition. Not so known by a large number of people, although many would know the GT90 from video games featured in (Need for speed II, Ford Racing 2 & 3, Gran Turismo 2).
The capability of the concept car is completely surreal.


The Ford GT90 is a successor of the Ford GT40 (spiritual) – the automobile that looks spiritual by it’s painting – just a rare concept car that leaves one taking its triangular design into comprehension.
Following the trends of Ford GTs, the GT90 stands tall, as the American auto maker Ford didn’t fail to make the GT90 any less supreme to it’s predecessor.
Ford GT90 carries a mid-engine quad-turbocharged V12 engine that produces 720 horsepower and 660 pound-feet of torque reaching a top speed off 253 mph controlled by a 5-speed FFD-Ricardo manual transmission gear. With the price tag of $3 million, the Ford GT90 would be an eye catch for those with deep pockets.


By today’s standard, the Ford GT90 with top speed of 253 mph would be tagged one of the fastest car in production-even faster than the legendary McLaren F1.
Every great car gets some features from another great car- truth be told, is that someone or something Sparks some form of inspiration or flare to displace another greater than itself.
The GT90 isn’t different, a small specialized group at SVT in just over six months designed and developed the GT90 by borrowing parts mainly from Jaguar XJ220, a supercar at way ahead of it’s time.
The engine of the GT90 that produces 720 horsepower combines it’s 48-valve 6L engine with four Garrett systems T2 turbochargers based on the Ford Modular engine which is made possible by integrating parts of two Lincoln V8 engines.

1995_Ford_GT90Concept engine

The GT90 FFD-Ricardo 5-speed manual gearbox and double wishbone suspensions are from the XJ220.

Ford GT90 interior

Ford GT90 uses Ford’s new “Edge” design philosophy, including the use of advanced technology interacting with flat planes, angles, glass, triangular shapes for a fine work of art.

The Ford GT90 concept

The cockpit is revealed by pushing a small yellow button that swings the door open, as the door will is low and narrow.

Ford GT90 Concept

Time and Time again, the GT90 moves from one country to another on exhibitions with its home at Hajek Motorsports Museum, Ames, Oklahoma. What is found out there is so much that what is finally known is beyond comprehension, so be ready for what’s next.

So what do you think about this rare piece of contraption? I know I’d definitely stake it for the Ford GT90 and no thought to the cost because that adrenaline rush could get one so high, but still a deep pocket to seal the deal.

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