McLaren 720S GT3X

McLaren 720S GT3X Ready To Engage

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It was a great sight seeing McLaren display the 720S GT3X out of the blues in Goodwood hillclimb… It was a furious run just like the movie ‘fast and furious’ (no tricks included) with Rob Bell behind the wheel and finally winning the hillclimb in record time 45.01s in 2021,Goodwood Festival Of Speed, “The Maestros- Motorsport’s Great All-Rounders.” Although Volkswagen I.D.R remains unbeaten with record time 39.9s driven by Romain Dumes.

Rob Bell making the hillclimb at Goodwood

It was such an intriguing performance by Rob Bell who was able to control the power of the 720S GT3X from start to finish.

Just like the GT3 car, McLaren’s GT3X is just an insane one that goes beyond what is known.
Equipped with the same carbon fibre Monocage II chassis structure and engine as the road legal McLaren 720S, a 4.0L Twin-turbo V8 engine also cupped with a cylinder head, strengthened pistons, lightweight exhaust and a diamond like carbon technology to boost it’s performance.

Six speed sequential transmission gearbox is fitted to control it’s power.
McLaren 720S has always had my eyes but McLaren 720S GT3X just goes beyond my wildest dreams and I only yearn to have it within reach.
Designed and developed by GT Motorsport arm of McLaren Automotive who have really proved the capability of the McLaren in a subtle manner that can’t go unnoticed. The GT3X is not allowed to enter any race or championship, just for a full fledge fun all the way on the track.

Definitely seeing other car manufacturers coming for the outstanding performance of McLaren GT3X which proves to be out of the league of any automobile that crosses it’s path.

McLaren 720S GT3X

Blistering 710bhp with an additional 30bhp from a boost function with a push-to-pass button on the steering wheel at the driver’s command.
McLaren GT3X aerodynamics and chassis adds a big plus to it’s performance, even passing through F1 race cars wind tunnel test and unleashing it’s endurance at high velocity.
The GT3X is 440lbs lighter than it’s road version 720S because luxurious items or unnecessary components that doesn’t serve track purposes have been removed.

With it’s signature McLaren look but with an extreme rage that defiles all odds while still holding a fiercer look than any McLaren.
McLaren 720S GT3X presence automatically let’s you know what is expected to come, ready or not, brace up for it’s unwavering power.
McLaren 720S GT3X does not respect rules as it goes all in to become what would be the talk when in performance as it defiles regulations. The bar has been set high, the dice has been casted- the outrageous beast has been freed to unleash it’s rage on track and any competitor.
For efficient aerodynamics, a bigger spoiler, bolder extended splitter, and elegant diffuser all boost it’s downforce considerably.

McLaren 720S GT3X rearview

$560,000 considerably gets this track-only beast in the garage to boast around, which is certainly fun.

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