Volkswagen Nardo W12- Only Supercar To Its Name

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The beginning is always the hardest part of an endeavor, but once begun, it gets easier to pull through.

Volkswagen W-12

The conception of the W12 begins with the dream to make a car that could house a W-shaped engine, that would later become Volkswagen supreme engine.
Funny enough, Volkswagen W12 is the only supercar with the Volkswagen badge on it.

The build of the first Volkswagen W12 concept car began with a collaboration between Volkswagen group and italdesign.
Entrusting Italdesign with the sketch and creation of a chassis that would house the W engine that Volkswagen would build.
Absolutely, it was a success.

Volkswagen Nardo w12 engine

In 1997, Volkswagen W12 coupé, a concept car that was unveiled in Tokyo Motor Show.
Volkswagen W12 coupé was tagged “W12 Synchro,” an all wheel-drive with
two engines that would be joined at the crank where a pair of 2.8L normally aspirated VR6s. When combined, a 5.6L engine delivering 414 horsepower with 458 pound-feet.

Volkswagen Nardo w12

Just after some months of unveiling the W12 Syncro, Volkswagen unveiled yet another W12. This time the W12 would be topless.
At the Geneva Motor Show in 1998, Volkswagen unveiled the W12 roadster, a much more advanced version.
Volkswagen W12 roadster is a rear wheel drive with a 5.6L engine delivering 414hp like the coupé.

Volkswagen Nardo w12 scissors door

Among gamers, the Volkswagen W12 would be a very familiar supercar as it feature in Grand Turismo, Asphalt 8, Project Gotham Racing 3, GTI Racing, World Racing and Test Drive Series.
One would wonder when this piece of contraption existed, don’t be short of words and try comprehending.
Not everything is known to everyone but comes as a revelation.

Volkswagen Nardo w12 interior

Volkswagen has in it’s stables the best automobile out there within reach, supercars and hypercars alike – including Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche, just to mention the recognizable ones.
The above cars are all revolutionary but the test run of their outstanding engines were made possible because of Volkswagen W12.

Forward to the 21st century, in 2001, the relentless effort of Volkswagen led to Volkswagen Nardo W12 a record breaker that went to break speed categories in Nardo Ring vehicle test track.
Nardo W12 unlike it’s predecessors is a 6L aspirated W12 engine delivering 600hp with a 6-speed manual gearbox with top speed of 217 mph.
To confirm the capability of the supercar,W12 Nardo was through a grueling 24-hour ordeal to analyze the performance potential and the robustness of the twelve-cylinder engine.


Experienced F1 drivers were called to take the W12 Nardo through the Nardo Ring test track, without doubt the W12 Nardo made name for itself at it’s namesake race track.
In the 24 hours period, 4909.8 miles was covered, averaging 200.6mph at a maximum speed of 222mph; winning 6 world records for various speed records.

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