Volkswagen ID.R

Undisputed Electric Volkswagen ID.R, the F1 car rival

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Volkswagen ID.R is just an electrical high tech race car that has proven to be a trailblazer on the track. With its commanding look and intriguing design, it only attracts one to it’s presence.
The $41k hypercar is equipped with two powerful electric drive motor dissipating 500KW (680bhp) that boost Volkswagen ID.R from 0-100km/h in less than a ridiculous 2 sec- pushing it beyond the speed of an F1 car. It’s electric motors are two lithium-ion batteries that charges fully in just 20 minutes. The outrageous electric race car with huge front diffuser and an enormous rear wing with its door on the top.

Volkswagen ID.R

Volkswagen ID.R is from the Volkswagen’s ID family; a range of pure electrically driven vehicles.
Volkswagen ID.R has the aura of now you see me, now you don’t, as it’s humming Jet sound is heard from a distance, then in sight and finally out of range- just the bye-bye.
Volkswagen ID.R goes on to be the first electric race car to out run the Formula 1 car.
The capability of Volkswagen’s ID.R was witnessed in the United States of America at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb as legendary Romain Dumas in a siren blaring Volkswagen ID.R blistered up the 20km, 156 turns hill and spectators with continuous exclamations and awe as they witnessed the power of the automobile firsthand whiz pass and setting a record 7:57.148 in 2018.

Volkswagen ID.R at Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2018

Making history with one car with the same driver, just like a triple threat with no holds bar would have been the goal set in the mind of the Volkswagen group in 2018; Romain Dumas, a four time overall winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and three time winner of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, was all in Goodwood Festival Of Speed to take it’s historical Hill climb with Volkswagen ID.R with no record break at 0:43.86.

Dumas Romain and Volkswagen ID.R at Goodwood FOS 2018

Time changes the perception of everything in view, combustion engine has been the key element in an automobile from the inception of automobiles. Today takes a new turn to control CO2 emission for a greener and better environment. This control has lead to a worldwide revolution that didn’t leave the auto world out of it. The continuous race for an outstanding performance to reach the peak is the journey that must be carried on. Formula 1 that involves the fastest cars took a turn with the addition of electric cars into racing as Formula E. Now from loud cars, we see humming fast cars racing for the price.

Volkswagen ID.R interior

2019 was a breathtaking year, Romain Dumas, the French racing driver with the German all electric vehicle, Volkswagen ID.R after an epic display of speed and control by the car and driver equally, had an unleashed plans up their sleeves.
2019 saw an undisputed reign of champions that put both the car and driver at the top of their class respectively.
After setting a record in the US, it was time for Volkswagen to head back home, to the world’s longest, most stories road course to defile odds as it does. All ready to surpass a previously set record of 6:45.90 time set by an all electric Nio EP9 in 2017 around the 154 turns circuit, Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit.

Volkswagen ID.R at Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit

Romain Dumas behind the wheel of Volkswagen ID.R surpassed the set mark in 6:05.336 secs stating, “it was very exciting, we worked hard on the car after each run and improved the balance on each lap.”
Nürburgring record was broken due to improvement of downforce with fast acceleration but a low top speed than how the ID.R ran at Pikes Peak.
Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2019 was still one to conquer to be rest assured of pushing beyond limits, Romain Dumas and Volkswagen ID.R took the Hill climb by storm. Nothing less than an impressive performance was in wait to be seen as the record was shattered.

Volkswagen ID.R at Goodwood FOS 2019

The die was cast and a record 39.90 seconds was set that still remains unbeaten till date. Dumas Romain’s run at Goodwood Festival Of Speed was an exciting one to behold and just goes on to show the power and balance of Volkswagen ID.R to defile all odds, taking on any track in the world. At a blink of an eye a record would be created or broken. Goodwood hill climb defeated both Dumas Romain and the Volkswagen ID.R but the true willingness of a good sportsman that knows his worth and capability of his car, came back and proved it with millions to attest to it.

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