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Bentley’s 2021 first half Profits exceeds any full year in the luxury brand 102 year history

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The British automaker have surmounted an hurdle, that makes the final half of the year interesting, as Bentley’s 2021 first half profits surpasses it’s yearly profit in the luxury brand 102 history. 2020 brought with the pandemic, a critical time that put the world on stand still and 2021 begins with hopes with a better ending.

Bentley's 2021 first half Profits exceeds any full year in the luxury brand 102 year history
Bentley Marque

Bentley, the luxury automaker, announced their feat on Thursday, 29 July 2021 despite having a striving year even with shortage of semiconductors and pandemic related production delays. The brand profits which reached $211 million from Jan to July beats the previous record of $202 million by $9 million earned in 2014. Bentley has sold 7199 vehicles since the beginning of January in which three models of the luxury brand are sold more, Bentayga (2767 units), Continental GT (2318 units) and the flying spur saloon (2063 units).

2021 Bentley Bentayga

“After a year of covid, we had strong expectations for the year, the market was incredibly eager, it was worked out that we have ended up with more orders than we originally expected or started with,” Bentley America’s CEO Christophe George’s. China became the luxury brand best selling market after nearly a decade with 2155 units then the America’s and Europe with 2049 units and 1142 units respectively. The record sales of the Bentayga, shows how much the SUV serves it’s purpose while being enchanted in luxury.

2022 Bentley Continental GT

The flying spur record sales in the china market after being introduced for the first time speaks more of the elegance and comfort of the flying spur. After the introduction of the hybrid and the S variants of the Bentayga SUV and the flying spur, the company would break more record for the remainder of the year. The excitement now lies in Bentley’s goal to be all hybrid by 2021. Bentley Chairman and CEO, Adrian Hallmark says, “While the celebrate these results, we are not taking the full year outlook for granted as we know there are still sizeable risk to the year-end, notably the increasing number of colleagues having covid enforced self-isolation periods.

2021 Bentley Flying Spur

It just stands out how incredible the team is working together to make the realization despite the hurdles. Surely, the worthwhile spent makes it all realizable.

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