Noble M600

Custom built Noble M600

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The mysterious car stolen in London by Magdalene “Queenie” Shaw in Fast and Furious 9 is definitely a kill, the British hand-built supercar puts the driver in total control of the driving experience. Noble M600 puts a lot of supercars and hypercars off my list, why? It’s a custom build car whereby Noble automotive gets to invite their customers to build the car to their taste, a follow through all the way.

noble m600

What’s the catch? It’s just $200,000 and in the league of Ferrari F40 and McLaren F1 for raw driving thrills, certainly not for the feeble mind, there’s no ABS, no servo, no electronic aid, just complete control of the driver. Traction control is available to keep M600 stable but when traction is off, it’s actually off: the control button is covered by a flip up cover of a Tornado fight jet.

noble m600 front view

Surprisingly, Noble M600 uses the Yamaha V8 engine found in Volvo XC90 that boast of 311hp but definitely that’s not all the tweak. Noble M600 engine is a 4.4L V8 with twin garret turbochargers equipped with a variable boost with a button to switch modes that boast of 650hp, weighing 604 lb.ft controlled with a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox, blistering from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds and 0-120 mph in 8.9 seconds.

noble m600 interior

Noble M600 has three specification, the standard M600 with fibre glass body; the carbon sports that uses car on fibre body; and the speedster basically an open roof body. The interior of the $200,000 supercar is nothing fancy, as I prefer to say that it takes que from Ferrari F40: no screens with fancy buttons, just fitted with tight bucket seats to hold driver and passenger firmly; with three driving modes: road mode that boast 450 horsepower, track mode that boast 550 horsepower, and race mode that blisters 650 horsepower. The supercar is for those that love driving, absolutely a track focused car, with its enigma to put the driver in total control.

Noble M600 Speedster
Noble M600 Speedster

Noble M600 is an epitome of a pure breed that puts every thrills under the pure rush of adrenaline in the driver’s control.

Noble M600 back view

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