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Bugatti Bolide- Bugatti’s Last W16 Engine, Limit Breaker Ready

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History created in the present for the future, as Bugatti Bolide a thoroughbred from Molsheim is put in the hands of men. Well if you want this one, you’ll just have to splurge as little as $5 million for the extreme track- oriented race car, not for the road at all. It’s definitely not a one-off any more with high demand from customers to feel that 1825 hp,it’s going to be limited to 40 units.When the name Bugatti pops up, certainly you’re in for raw thrills and you should be able to stomach its power. Bugatti a brand that pushes through what it’s known for, goes beyond it’s own limits tipping the scale continuously in it’s favour.

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Bugatii Bolide made with just four wheels, an engine, gearbox, a steering wheel and it’s two seats as the only luxury. Expect just the absolute dedication in it’s purest form from Bugatti. With 4 Bugatti’s in the top 10 fastest cars in the world that uses Bugatti’s W16 engine and 7-speed dual clutch transmission gearbox- no.9 Bugatti Veyron at 1001hp with top speed of 253 mph, no.7 Bugatti Chiron at 1479hp with top speed 261 mph, no.6 Bugatti Veyron super sports at 1200hp with top speed 267 mph, no.2 Bugatti Chiron Super sport 300+ at 1577 hp delivering top speed of 304 mph. SSC Tuatara stands at no.1 with 1750 hp unverified. What’s the jerk here, Bugatti Bollide at 1825 hp is already set to take its top place still.

bugatti bolide

Bugatti Bolide is equipped with a 8.0 L quad- turbocharged W16 mated with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission gearbox that blisters 1825 hp and 1850 lb-ft of torque, with top speed of 310 mph making the fastest Bugatti ever. Bolide ends the reign of W16 engine configuration as electrification is the new evolution. Bolide is from a French word, ‘ le bolide’ meaning the racing car, absolutely tuned with the lightest weight monocoque made of carbon fibre and technologically advanced body that puts it up to achieve the feat needed. A sheer definition of work put in by the specialist up at Molsheim, France, an uncompromised work to build a thoroughbred that pushes the limit of everything that Bugatti stands for, setting a new standard.

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Its gullwing doors welcomes the driver to an exquisite interior if two bucket seats and a raw steering wheel that holds handling in perfection. Be ready to throttle your way beyond expectations. Its interior immediately sets you ready for a real deal that stimulates activeness to glamour. A pur sang with new the is that have bigger blades that constitute more pressure for increased horsepower. The Bugatti Bolide aerodynamics is at its extreme with 800 kg of downforce in the front and rear wing with 1800 kg of downforce. With it’s signature X tail reminiscing Bell X- 1 jet aircraft flown by Chuck Yeager in 1947, the first person to break the sound barrier. Through simulations, Bugatti Bolide reached a lap time at the Le Mans race track, Circuit de la Sarthe in 3 minutes and 7.1 seconds, 8 seconds quicker than record holder Toyota TS050 and a lap time of 5 minutes 23 seconds around Nordschleife circuit behind Porsche 919. Taking attributes of LMP1 race cars.

bugatti bolide
bugatti bolide

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