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China’s Luxury Car Marque “Hongqi H9”

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Hongqi H9, a Chinese luxury car brand owned by automaker FAW car company. The Chinese car market has been one market that drives luxury car brands up in sales, from Bentley’s half year report, it’s clear that that the Chinese market is responsible for sales of Bentley. It comes as no surprise as FAW brings the Hongqi H9 to revolutionalize the Chinese luxury car marque.

Hongqi H9 front view

Hongqi which used to be the luxury car for the political elites in China has taken a new turn to be in the lime light of luxury. Hongqi H9 is a nice looking car but when juxtaposed with BMW 7- series, familiarity pops up. It’s just a wonder to see China’s luxury brand start and it pulls up comparison, although is worth it because it sure looks like a Lincoln. Up front, the Limo has a large chrome radiator grille and an “illuminating” thin red Hongqi’s flag logo that starts from the middle of the bonnet to the grille. The grille is surrounded by thin lights that stretches between the headlights.

Hongqi H9 front view

Hongqi H9 comes in two variants, under the hood of one is powered by a 2.0 L turbocharged four cylinder with hybrid system of 185KW (252 hp) weighing 280 lb-ft and the other is powered by a 3.0 L supercharged V6 engine with 283 hp weighing 295 lb-ft controlled by a 7- speed dial clutch transmission to the rear wheels. In looks, Hongqi H9 has no definite look, looks like a BMW 7- series, Rolls-Royce, with Maybach profile and Cadillac back. As Hongqi H9 is being unlocked, the “wing of dream” illuminates to welcome one into it’s luxury, with its keyless entry, that could be operated by a mobile device and door handles popping out.

Hongqi H9 wing of dream

The interior has a two 12.3 inches touchscreen, one for infotainment system and the other for instrument cluster with AI interaction and voice control. Dashboard of wood finishing, leather design with a glass sunroof. Hongqi H9 can detect speed limits along the road displaying it on the dashboard. When driving at a greater speed, a warning is issued, if there are obstacles ahead on the road or risk of a rear collision an alarm blares for prevention. The rear seats are adjustable to fit the passenger no matter the position intended.

Hongqi H9 interior
Hongqi H9 screens
Hongqi H9 rear seats
Hongqi H9 rear view

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