Audi Skysphere Concept Unveiled at Fairways of Pebble Beach

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With Audi’s commitment towards electrification as it openly made plans at the end of 2020 by investing $12 billion. It’s just no surprise as Audi Skysphere Concept Roadster was unveiled at Fairways of the Pebble Beach golf course, California. No Audi traditional signature radiator grill which has been replaced with an electronic illuminating emblem.

Audi Skysphere

Its an option opened for anyone to choose, and not actually thinking it through, I’d definitely choose the Skysphere to usher in a new automotive future. Audi Skysphere a two-door convertible electric luxury roadster that takes a step closer into the future of autonomous driving. With Audi Skysphere, we’d probably be closer to the sky. It’s not about driving, it’s about the driving experience while having a feel of its luxury.

Audi Skysphere- autohage

Audi Skysphere takes two lengths just like a transformer, either 4.94 metres in sports mode or 5.19 metres in Grand touring mode with the push of a button. In sport mode, the driver seat is ahead of the passenger’s seat for more focused driving taking hold of the road. In Grand touring mode, the wheelbase extends,and driver and passenger next to each other, and the steering wheel moving into the dashboard and pedals and gear moving into their compartment allowing for more relaxation and autonomous driving having the control. Unlike many autonomous cars that thier steering wheels are just before the driver to take charge at any slight instant.

Audi Skysphere grand touring mode- autohage
In GT mode
Audi Skysphere sport mode- autohage
In Sport mode

The journey to creating Audi Skysphere was conceived by Horch 850 roadster. Audi Skysphere is powered by an electric motor mounted on it’s rear axle that delivers 465 KW (624 hp) 750 lb-ft of torque that blisters from 0-62 mph in 4 seconds. The suspension is unwavering when driving, the wheels are individually raised or lowered to give balance on uneven roads. The battery’s lifespan of 80KWh can drive over 310 miles. The Skysphere’s interior is the torch of Horch 850 roadster.

Audi Skysphere suicide doors- autohage
Audi Skysphere with suicide doors

Audi Skysphere is not alone as we are to see Audi Grandsphere and Audi Urbansphere in time to come.

Audi Skysphere Concept: A Roadster and a Grand Tourer in One - GTspirit
Long front hood with two golf bags
Audi Skysphere- autohage
Audi Skysphere rear view- autohage

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