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One-Off Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo- One Seater

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Hahahahaha, its just so funny when I intend to start with, “it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before,” and that is the truth about Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo. The hypercar that was inspired from a game “Gran Turismo 6 for Sony’s PlayStation 3” and brought into fruition. Bugatti built it as the ultimate track beast with a design inspired by two-time Le Mans 24 Hour winner the Bugatti Type 57G.

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo | AUTOHAGE.COM

The single seater hypercar was unveiled at Frankfurt Motor show in Germany in 2015 having the bold look of audacity which was bought by Prince Badr Bin Saud of Saudi Arabia for $10 million in a secret bid. Prince Badr Bin Saud later sold the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo in 2017 to Tilly’s founder Hazy Shaked for $10.16 million.

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo | AUTOHAGE.COM

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo has Bugatti Chiron’s 8.0 quad-turbo charged W16 with 7- speed dual-clutch transmission cranking 1500hp, reaching top speed more than 250 mph. It uses four remote controls that requires an antenna to be attached to the Bugatti in two remotes control for lightning and spoiler adjustment, and two remotes for suspension adjustments. It’s packed with spare parts (carbon fiber), a special center lock wheel remover and jump cables in a crate.

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo interior | AUTOHAGE.COM

The Vision GT is just the car for the ultra wealthy or be ready for the deal; taking your Bugatti Vision GT to get serviced would cost a little $20,000, that includes an oil change, a clean windshield, and a tire pressure check. Speaking of tires, a new set Michelin racing slicks – of which there are just two sets in the entire world – will cost another $93,000. The Los Angeles home of Hezy Shaked is just the perfect home for Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo as it joins a Bugatti Divo (Lady Bug), the first Bugatti Chiron in USA (Lady Bee), Bugatti Veyron (Hell Bug).

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo rear view | AUTOHAGE.COM

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  1. A whopping 20k dollars for servicing, and 93k dollars for change or tyres… Not your regular type of super cars

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