Delage D12 Hybrid: F1 Car and Fighter Jet Combination

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Back after 1958, precisely 68 years from date but with a big revelation to conquer the road, Delage D12 is a jet on land without flight. A combination of a Formula 1 car and a fighter jet. The French automobile manufacturer is back to storm the world with eye catching, breathtaking views, behold! what better way to make a come back. Definitely, didn’t know the Delage but it goes way back prior to WW1 and has had tremendous winnings in its plate boasting a Coupe Des Voiturettes victory, won the historic endurance race24 hours of Le Mans race, an Indianapolis 500-mile race and the 1927 F1 Grand Prix with a V12 engine car that led to Ferrari being intrigued with the V12 layout and later bringing it to life.


Delage D12 is an hypercar that is radically road legal with its goal to be the fastest road legal car in the world. Just staring at D12 heads on is an aggressive looking sleek car that has the breath of a bull ready to hit a Matador, exciting as it sounds the road is all that Delage D12 is ready to hit without no delay. The $2.3 million hypercar draws inspiration from a F1 car incorporating contractive suspension used in F1 cars and clearly with its nose that is typical to the F1 car, extremely low to the ground with all characteristics of perfect aerodynamics providing twice the downforce of road legal cars and with its flats rising up to support it’s braking just like a Pagani. Trying so hard not to juxtapose the Delage D12 with Lamborghini Vision GT but there’s too much in their resemblance. It’s just exciting that Delage CEO Laurent Tapie was able to bring an extinct into the present and looking forward into the future.

Delage D12 with canopy door |AUTOHAGE.COM

Delage D12 is equipped with a 7.6L V12 engine with an electric motor that cranks out 1100 horsepower mated with an 8 speed single clutch transmission gearbox. Delage D12 would be made in two variants, D12 GT (Gran Turismo) for road use, blistering 1100hp reaching 0-62 mph in 2.6 seconds and D12 CLUB for track use, blistering from 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds with both variants having top speed of 224 mph. Made with the lightest of carbon fiber with a cooling carbon fiber wheel that cools the brakes. Into the cockpit, a true cockpit that is enclosed all round by glass that opens up just like a fighter jet, going all the way up- canopy door- revealing the cockpit with the seats arranged one behind the other, just for two people, a driver in front and it’s occupant behind exactly just a fighter jet. The steering wheel is removed for the driver to get to his seat and then fixing the steering in its place, the steering wheel is just unbelievable, looks like an UFO ship as a steering wheel so bizarre but that does it perfectly. D12 arranged with three screens for all controls and navigation still with a fighter jet configuration. At the back is a rear wing that rises and lowers for perfect aerodynamics with a thin sleek brake light that stretches behind the hybrid hypercar.

Delage D12 interior | AUTOHAGE.COM
Delage D12 air cooling carbon fiber wheel | AUTOHAGE.COM
Delage D12 rear view | AUTOHAGE.COM

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