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Audi Grandsphere Concept Unveiled, The Second Of The Trio

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Audi truly is ready for a show down as it takes pride in the second line up of it’s three extraordinary self drive luxury cars, unveiling Audi Grandsphere last week. Audi debuted the Audi Skysphere, the first fully electric luxury car last month, Audi Grandsphere now ready to take the stage fully at Munich IAA Motor Show that begins tomorrow September 7, with expectation of the last line up, Audi Urbansphere to be unveiled next year.

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Audi Grandsphere speaks for itself with a bold move starting all the way from its look especially it’s headlights and it’s grilles. The grill is nothing like the previous model- Audi Skysphere -just the next to new technology that Audi has unleashed to light up the world. Absolutely, for me, the Grandsphere has the entrance and back hatch of an Aston Martin Lagonda Vision Concept. Uniquely with a video shared by Audi with the Grandsphere identifying the owner approaching the car, the doors (combination of swan door and suicide door) without B pillar, open up to usher its owner into the cockpit. In all elegance, the Audi Grandsphere is a level 4 autonomous luxury car meaning it has all sensors and software for driving even in heavy traffic according to

Most interestingly, is the pedals and steering wheel that retract when in self driving mode, no holds bar. At this point, the comfort and luxury of the car can be enjoyed entirely. Audi Grandsphere dashboard is made of wood without glass, how innovate is that. Audi gives chance for no joke as it clearly states it all in the Grandsphere. There’s a cooler for drinks and storage for glasses in between the front seats and not the back. One might ask then why the back seats, well, Audi Grandsphere focuses on comforting it’s owner, so it’s luxury starts in the front. The seats can be adjusted for absolute comfort.

Audi Grandsphere Concept |

Audi Grandsphere is equipped with a 120KWh battery that boast 720hp with 708lb-ft of torque that drives from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds.

Audi Grandsphere Concept |

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