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Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV: A Virtual In Reality

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The revelation is so surreal setting Jaguar Vision GT above the boundaries created by common norm. A glance would not suffice looking at a Vision GT, like a shadow cast before walking forward to take it by the arm but no its remarkably fast. Jaguar has taken the bold step to bring into fruition the extra ordinary. The virtual world has been brought into reality to showcase an unleashed power that is conserved. Get ready to have complete thrills, its just excitement all the way to the fullest.

Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV |

Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo has DNA aura of a breed that would back down from a race but would certainly initiate the race. Every impossibility has been made possible with the concept car that interprets the valor of a winner. The electric race car is equipped with quad electric motor that blisters an insane 1877 horsepower that goes from stand still reaching 60 mph in 1.65 seconds. Now that’s outrageous, totally left thunderstruck. Jaguar actually manufactured this one off concept car for it’s Gran Turismo game experience and who would have expected it ready with the characteristics it holds.

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Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo is just a yardstick to show radicality in engineering and designs of make something out of nothing, the concept of bring thoughts into fruition. By a touch, that opens the canopy door by fingerprint recognition, the cockpit of two seats that jaguar calls the typefibre- a lightweight seat- breeds a new aura. The presence of the car leaves one in awe, just to keep on staring, taking all intricacies into heart. The touches from the head light that depicts seriousness and the windshield that is long and wide enough beats Jaguar itself.

Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV |

At the rear, the huge rear wing, moves in and out, up and down to keep drag in check. What better way to control such a speed, if not to think outside the box. The downforce of the Vision GT SV is just sufficient enough to keep the electric sports car on the road. The all wheel drive takes cue from Jaguar D-type, and C-type which is implemented in it’s fenders. Jaguar didn’t mix the touch of a Le Mans breed on the special Vehicle, and truly with that Le Mans touch, it leaves the future opened for a Le Mans possibility but for now Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV would be enjoyed in the virtual race game Gran Turismo.

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