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Stella Vita: World’s First Solar-Powered Camper

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What happens when a group of 22 undergraduates merge as a team to create a radical concept in the fast ever changing automotive industry, the world’s first solar-powered camper, Stella Vita. It’s just so amazing how quick the world is embracing electric powered vehicles, sometime past it was somewhat difficult to conform to the new stardards but today, it’s just as easy and fun to get a battery pack to power a vehicle.

Solar Team Eindhoven, 22 students of Eindhoven University of technology, Netherland outdid themselves with the new project. Definitely, Stella Vita isn’t their first project Stella Luxe- a solar powered family car would be the first. At this point, I’d say the team has a thing for Stella but let’s leave that. Stella Vita is dubbed “house on wheels” and can travel up to 450 miles in a single day on a sunny day that is with the use of very few or no appliances. The camper which is first eye catching, with a big solar roof that could extend upwards with additional panels that folds up making one big canopy that is ready to get sun light.

Despite the big solar panel, Stella Vita would take up to 2-3 days to fully recharge. So if on this camper about making a trip be sure that it’s going to be a long one with long stops for charging so to not get delayed.

With the roof already popped up and the solar panels popped out, there’s enough head space now in the cabin. The camper consist of a bed for two, a small fridge, toilet, couch and cooking area. To be certain of the capability of the Stella Vita, the team would embark on a journey start Sunday September 19 from Eindhoven to Outta de Tarifa, to the southernmost tip of Spain and Continental Europe.

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