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Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina: A Daring work of Art

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Ferrari P4/5 is a radical concept, the redefinition of the finest Ferrari into a work of art, putting all into perspective to be owned by James Glickenhaus an American car collector and team owner. With all resources in place, it all seem like nothing can stop anything from happening. When referring to anything, I mean all is within reach. James Glickenhaus is a lover of Ferrari race cars owning 1967 330 P3/4, 1967 412P, 1947 Tipo 166 Spyder Corsa.

Ferrari P4/5 front view |

Ferrari P4/5 did just become one special model, it was rebuilt all the way from scratch using the perfect model, the last Enzo Ferrari. It took two to make the dream sparkle, sure $4 million from James Glickenhaus to Pininfarina made it all worthwhile. The secret project that would take an Enzo Ferrari to create a Ferrari P4/5.

Ferrari P4/5 |

Pininfarina ready to embark on a task needed a customer who would dare go the extra mile to bring it into fruition. James Glickenhaus bought an Enzo Ferrari at over $650,000, which would then arrive Italy, at Pininfarina factory without Ferrari knowing what would be done. Ken Okuyama, Pininfarina styling Director “when you do something right, you don’t care what people think.” The entire carbon fibre Enzo body was replaced carbon fiber reinforced plastic, James Glickenhaus and his son were scanned for the new seats to be fitted to suit them perfectly maintaining the butterfly door styling of an Enzo Ferrari. Sounds more of a family project because Glickenhaus daughter picked cover of the seats.

Ferrari P4/5 interior |

An Enzo Ferrari would in place look like a Ferrari race car of the 90’s as the exterior styling would go on to look like a Ferrari 330 P4. The general concept of the car relies on Ferrari Enzo base but the body especially windshield all the way to the top would leave one wondering where such masterpiece was created. In all, Ferrari P4/5 uses Enzo engine – 6.0L Tipo F140 B V12 which was cleaned and tuned by Pininfarina mated with a 6 speed F1 automated manual gearbox that cranks out 660hp at 7800 revolution per minute and goes from 0-62 mph in 3 seconds resulting to 0.14 seconds quicker than an Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari P4/5 |

Just four months into the secret project between James Glickenhaus and Pininfarina, some Ferrari representative were invited to see what was being done or what has been done to a masterpiece now transformed to a work of art. When the P4/5 was seen they were all left amazed because , truth be told aside the base of the Enzo Ferrari, the P4/5 had the rear window of Ferrari 512S, side vents of Ferrari 330 P3 and nose of Ferrari 333 SP and a total of over 200 components were custom built and fitted in the P4/5 which became 595 lb (270 kg) lighter than the Enzo, due to better aerodynamics as the Ferrari P4/5 spent lots of time in the wind tunnel, has less drag, more downforce, inadvertently faster and quieter than an Enzo Ferrari; there’s no even wind noise at 160 mph.

Ferrari P4/5 rear view |

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