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Gemballa Hypercar still on the wait

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Gemballa, a tuning car company as it started out with experience from tuning Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren and Ferrari Enzo. There has been a long wait and certainly the wait is still on. Gemballa GmbH owned by Steffen Korbach after the company was closed in May 2010 by Germany authorities due to the sudden disappearance and death of former owner Uwe Gemballa.

No doubt at all about a hypercar that has been set to be unveiled to the the world first quarter of 2020. One of the adored car from Gemballa is a Gemballa Mirage GT from Porsche Carrera GT. So the wonder would be what CEO and Managing Director Steffen Korbach has for the new hypercar that is still on the wait.

The Gemballa hypercar would go from 0- 60mph in less than 2.5 seconds and 0-125 mph in 6.5 seconds which is definitely fast enough to compete with other supercars and hypercars. The goal of the company is to put an engine under the hood but till this time no specification and although with the electrification of cars in a rise, let’s still wait and see how things would turn out for Gemballa GmbH.

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