Wiesmann Project Gecko

Wiesmann Project Gecko

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I definitely say I’ve been living under a rock, certainly that’s how Wiesmann makes me feel but at the same time, I’m out of the rock, lol. The fact remains that Weissman has been around since 1988 and filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and shutdown activities May 2014, later resuming activities in 2016 after the Germany car company was bought by British investors. Weissman has been working closely with BMW.

Why the name Project Gecko for a car? The company’s logo is a gecko lizard and that’s it about Project Gecko but sure that isn’t the name of the car probably would be named MF6 as it is based on it’s predecessor MF5. Built in Weismann factory in Dulmen in Germany, Project Gecko stands tall as the company notes that project Gecko is the rebirth of Germany’s most love sport car.

Project Gecko has under its hood BMW 4.4L twinturbo V8 engine mated with an 8-speed automatic gearbox transmission gearbox cranking 600hp which would reach from 0- 62 mph in 3.5 seconds. With its long hood, it’s sure a grand Tourer, at least looking at the supercar would cause a stare to take all intricacies of the car in. It sure looks like a British car, Rovers from its front grille, a pure combination of Germany engineering and British design.

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