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The Return Of a Scion Marc Philipp Gemballa with Marsien Supercar

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When the name Marsien is heard, what first comes to mind? Mars right, right. That’s just it. Just be ready to go off-road in a supercar, an outrageous concept by Marc Phillip Gemballa, 27 year old son of late Uwe Gemballa. In May 2010, Gemballa factory was seized and down by German authorities after Uwe Gemballa was kidnapped and later killed in South Africa due involvement in money laundering.

The past remains the past and all focus should be in the present, looking forward to a greater future. The future lies in what’s next. Gemballa known for tuning cars- mclaren for it’s race team, especially Porsche but right now, it’s about building your own car.

The 27 year old, has built his own car, Gemballa Marsien that is based on Porsche 992- generation 911 Turbo S. Yeah, clearly for the love of Porsche as usual but the Marsien is sure bliss. Gemballa Marsien is basically an off road supercar and on road supercar that draws inspiration from Porsche 959 that raced in Paris – Dakar rally in the 80’s. Project sandbox as Marsien was first referred as, taking two years to develop, now a futuristic sleek super car ready to hit the road and dirt.

Gemballa Marsien runs from 0 – 62 mph in 2.6 seconds reaching a top speed of 205 mph in on on road mode and reaching a top speed of 130 mph in off-road mode blistering 700hp. Working with RUF, a German tuner, Marsien was tuned to 700hp and in time, there would be an 818hp upgrade for more intensity while driving off-road. At the touch of a button, Gemballa Marsien made completely of carbon fiber adjust it’s height leaving ground space at 4.7 inches in on road mode and 9.8 inches ground spacing in off-road mode. A new suspension with double wishbone makes the switch of height effective. For now price stands at $583,000 and limited to 40 units only.


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    1. My bad if that read reads claims that Marc Gemballa is related to Gemballa GmbH.

      Gemballa GmbH is a different company entirely from Marc Philipp Gemballa car firm.

      Thanks for reading and correcting.

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