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Bugatti Bolide Is The World’s Most Beautiful Hypercar

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At the 36th Festival Automobile International held in Paris, a beauty contest for cars, the Bugatti Bolide, Bugatti’s track focused hypercar grabbed the award for the world’s most beautiful hypercar which cannot be disputed.

Bugatti Bolide first unveiled last year October by the French marque with a 1825hp hypercar, an absolute no road legal car. Bugatti Bolide is a success because of the base at which it was built, the Bugatti Chiron. With $4.73 million price tag, Bugatti would produce 40 units for three years with its 8.0L quad-turbo W16 engine churning 1587hp, sure the Bolide would make lots of money for Bugatti.

The beauty of the Bolide is one that is glaring from it’s signature X headlight, to it’s gull wing doors then the revolutionary X- shaped rear wing with taillights. Quite out of it, Bugatti Bollide is just a car made of 40 distinctive parts put together to constitute a thoroughbred ready to conquer the track.

Bugatti Bolide won Gordon Murray T.50, Mercedes-Benz AMG One and BAC Mono to come out on top as the most beautiful hypercar. DS Aero Sport Lounge won most beautiful concept car, Audi Q5 E-tron Sportback won most beautiful show car, Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR won most beautiful futuristic car, Honda E won most beautiful interior and Maserati MC20 won the most beautiful supercar.

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