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DS Aero Sport Lounge Luxury Crossover

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Unveiled in 2020, French Luxury car marque, DS, has shown extremes without restraints unleasing a pure concept with the electric crossover, DS Aero Sport Lounge. Designed to perfect airflow and aerodynamics efficiency, in which air flows from the front grille to side intake finally to its 23 inches wheels.

DS Aero Sport Lounge front view is just a sheer joy to car enthusiast and anyone. The front grille is a screen with the DS logo in which sensors are packed behind for interaction between the luxury crossover and pedestrians and the road. With a sleek narrow headlight, and slim daytime light. Powered by a 110KWh battery that feeds an electric motor 500kW churning 680hp, sprinting from 0 – 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, a total driving range of 650 km (404 miles).

DS has gone radical in the interior of the Aero Sport Lounge, into the cabin by a swan door and rear suicide doors, there’s no screen on the dashboard just two screens for the cameras that has replaced side mirrors. The dashboard is one made of two strips, upper and lower strips made of satin cotton, all infotainment system is displayed on the lower strip reflected from the top strip and controlled not by contact but by a sensation of touch. Using leap motion and ultrahaptic control technology that makes the sensation of touch in an empty space possible.

Like a Tesla, DS Aero Sport Lounge uses artificial intelligence called IRIS to help control everything by conversation. The armrest is none to next, a DS collaboration with Ultraleap, a Silivon valley tech company, placing a hand on the armrest, just by gestures, control gestures are communicated to the luxury electric car.

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