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Renault Morphoz Concept on a Streak

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Due to restrictions caused by covid-19 pandemic, Renault Morphoz Concept was not displayed at Genova Motor Show last year, and at the Automobile Award won concept car of the year, 2020. At the 36th International Automobile Festival, Renault Morphoz was received the Creativ’Experience Award.

Renault Morphoz Concept represents Renaults foreseeable future, 2025 and beyond. The electric luxury crossover sits on Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance’s Crossover Modular Family EV ( CMF-EV) drivetrain for power, capacity and range. Renault Morphoz Concept is a mark of Renault’s technological approach in the automotive industry. The very fast evolution into a more eco friendly environment, has helped has caused the car brands to metamorphose technologically.

At the push of a button, the Morphoz Concept s witches its driving mode while the luxury concept car switches range, power, look. In city mode, the crossover 40KWh battery is connected to an electric motor that powers the front axle blistering 134hp, offering a range of 249 miles. In travel mode, Renault Morphoz Conceptextendes its length from 4400mm to 4800mm and wheelbase from 2730mm to 2930mm providing more leg room and luggage capacity. The wheelbase extension is seen in Audi Skysphere.

Into the cabin, the doors open by just a wave of hand on the driver’s door acomodating one into it’s cabin without the B pillar. When the share mode is activated, the passenger’s seat turns 180° for conversation with the passengers in the rear seats, a concept used also in Aston Martin Lagonda Vision Concept. Renault has used artificial intelligence in the morphoz for voice interactions with the concept car. Not fully autonomous, as the electric luxury crossover uses level three autonomy, hands can sure be taken off the rectangular steering wheel that has a 10.2 inches scree to control some functions, and eyes off the road enjoying conviviality in the friendly space.

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