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Fast and Furious: Rimac Nevera, Fastest Production Car

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It’s not been an easy journey so far, but it ends well even when the end is far to come. Rimac Nevera changes everything that defines fast, yeah yeah, I wouldn’t forget Elon Musk, Tesla Model S Plaid. When I first watch the Model S Plaid launch, it was rated the fastest among EVs and remains undisputably fast but still, probably you must have not heard, Rimac Nevera is here to keep the automotive industry up its toe.

Rimac story begins with Mate Rimac, founder and CEO Rimac Group. At 33 years of age, Mate has set up an automobile company that would spur car brands into electrification including Aston Martin Valkyrie for battery; Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, Koenigsegg, and Bugatti for infotainment system and wonder why Pininfarina Batista is fast? Yeah, all thanks to Rimac powertrain and electronics. Mate Rimac starting his company in his garage at 20 after Mate bought a 1984 BMW 3 Series to race at 18 during the race, the engine knocked out then putting his electronics knowledge to work, the genius turned that BMW to an electric car.

Rimac Nevera is the fastest accelerating car and fastest electric hyper car with 1914 hp and 1741 pound-feet of torque with a top speed of 258 mph controlled via a single-speed transmission gearbox powering the front and rear wheels. Nevera meaning a sudden, quick and mighty Mediterranean storm, that races across the open sea off Croatia. Nevera charged by lightning and extremely powerful, a myth as it sounds but now in raw form that is movable and drivable in the palms of man to weld its raw power.The electric hyper car goes from 0-60 mph in 1.85 seconds, 0-100 mph in 4.3 seconds, 0-186 mph in 9.3 seconds, and reaching a quarter mile in 8.58 seconds. The numbers says it all, as insane as it may sound. That’s just what Rimac plans to do, change the paradigm, changing the definition of speed and performance. $2.4 million would put 1 of 150 units in the garage with 50 units already sold out.

Sure the top names always on the list of fastest cars has changed hands. I recall making a post still using SSC Tuatara, Bugatti Chiron 300+ and Koenigsegg Jesko to make conclusions.

Rimac Nevera uses a 6960-cell of 120KWh lithium/manganese/nickel battery that supplies power to quad electric motor, each motor connected per wheel, the electric car has 340 miles of range. With 500KW charger, it charges from 0-80% in 19 minutes. The electric hypercar has seven driving modes to select from: sports mode that sharpens throttle response, brake and steering; range mode that let’s the hypercar go further; track mode that maxes out everything; drift mode that sends all torque to the rear wheel; custom mode that allows the drive to mix and match it’s performance; comfort mode that allows for cruising and high downforce mode that pushes the car beyond for thrills.

Rimac Automobili has designed and manufactured almost all parts of the Nevera with the chassis, body and interior made of carbon fiber. Rimac Nevera prototype was unveiled August 2021 expected for sales, December 2021. It’s actually going to be a lot fun at the first Croatian automobile company after Mate Rimac acquired Bugatti from Volkswagen group, a 55% stake, it’s actually no joke the electrification of automotive industry, get ready for Bugatti electric epoch.

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