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Hyundai Staria Kinder: Best Looking Luxury School Bus

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Kinder, German word for children. Definitely, I didn’t use the school bus neither did the school I attended have a school bus but looking at Hyundai Staria Kinder, kids would definitely take pride in the Korean luxury school bus.

Yeah, it may not be necessary and to note, it’s just perfect. Staria Kinder can’t be missed with its striking presence, there’s just this sparkle that would spur the children to get their lunch box and head off to school. Imagine just beginning the day in the perfect school box. It just sprung up the thought of “magic School bus.” I can’t remember vividly how the bus was but the striking yellow colour, and remembering that the bus could fly. Hyundai Staria Kinder doesn’t fly, it doesn’t have the technology not just yet installed.

The school bus is an extended version of the standard Hyundai Staria. With it’s signature light bar at the top in the front and rear of the bus, it can’t be missed. The van comes in two variants, as an eleven seater or a fifteen seater. The eleven seater with a 2.2L turbocharged diesel engine linked to a six-speed manual transmission gearbox blistering 175hp and 318 lb-ft and the fifteen seater, a naturally aspirated 3.5L gas ( liquified petroleum gas) engine connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission gerabox blistering 268 hp and 244 lb-ft of torque. Being an avid lover of the thrills of speed, the van with more power is just the perfect match but seating in a bus propelled by gas is just a turn off.

Hyundai has featured safety precautions on the luxury bus like adjustable seatbelts regardless of the side of the child, cross traffic collision precaution, lane-keep assist, blind spot collision avoidance, swing-out stop sign near the driver’s door. The cost if the 11 seater is $29,103 and the 15 seater cost $31,303.

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