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Extreme Luxury: DS X E-TENSE

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Just remembered seeing the French luxury electric car in 2019 via YouTube when supercarblondie did a video. DS X E-TENSE is just an experience itself, DS actual future of what extreme Luxury should be in an automobile while X E-TENSE represents what 2035 should look like. The continuous drive for autonomous driving, pure thrills when in the cocoon. With a new technology, DS claims that DS X E-TENSE has the capability of returning to its original form after collision.

The futuristic luxury car is DS dream for 2035, preparing for what is to take place in anticipation for a better future but it always begins today in the present, paving way for tomorrow. DS X E-TENSE is not like any car seen before, the exterior first keeps one staring, taking all intricacies into heart.

The electric luxury car based in the fashion capital of the world makes it glaring with DS X E-TENSE. DS X E-TENSE is asymmetrical, the left side looks nothing like the right side and in actual sense that’s just the exact feeling of the car. The left part for driving while the right part is to relish autonomous driving. On the right hand side, the butterfly door opens up the a seat with steering, and with no roof, well driving in a open roof would be like driving cabriolet,so get your umbrella ready for a rainy or sunny day. The right side is a cocoon so to put it. Gullwing door opens up to two seats which one is floating (a floating seat), the floor is glass. No thought about the concept but what is expected of the radicality of thinking.

Breakfast in car exist in DS X E-TENSE, there’s an expresso machine, high end luxury material even feathers used in the car. With 540 hp in road mode and 1400 hp in circuit mode, DS X E-TENSE reaches from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds.

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