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Polestar Precept Concept Set for Production

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I’d rather not juxtapose two luxury car marque, but it is what it is. Polestar Precept Concept from swedish car marque, Volvo, and Chinese car brand ,Geely is on another level described as “premium,” following the no B-pillars to usher in its luxury. Just like BMW I Vision Circular, a new era in car luxury is expressed, using recyclable materials.

It’s unique in its own way with the presence of the unknown. First debutted last year, although was unable to be unveiled at the 2020 Geneva Motor show that was cancelled due to covid-19 pandemic. The four door sedan signifies not just the perfect car for the Eco system, uses recycled materials saving the environment. Nevertheless the electric sedan is making its way to the public before 2025.

The front grille of the Polestar Precept is called the ‘smartzone’ area, packed with radar sensors and high definition camera, with new Thor’s Hammer headlight, lidar sensor at the front of the all glass roof, so definitely there would be autonomous driving. The sleek electric luxury car opens up to an entire recycled interior and technological world. “If anything, they enable even more premium, cutting-edge, modern and stylish executions which elevate our design -led products, we are able to derive new aesthetics from new contexts and technologies, allowing society to move on,” Polestar Head of Design, Maximilian Mission.

The cabin uses sustainable materials like recycled PET bottles used for 3D knitting, recycled nylon 6 from fishing net used to make Polestar Precept carpet, recycled cork vinyl used for headrest and bolsters, and flax-based composite for exterior part. No buttons, no control on the door panel, no control on the dashboard, fitted with 12.5 inch digital instrument cluster and 15 inch portrait oriented screen for all controls, with two screens for the side view cameras.

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