Porsche 919 Street

Porsche 919 Street Touches down Dubai

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It’s always sensational when a tale or big revelation is made, and that was just the experience as Porsche 919 Street 1/1 took a flight from Germany to Dubai to meet up with Alex Hirschi popularly known as supercarblondie. Take it or leave it, Porsche always has a way of staying on top.

Porsche 919 Street is a road legal version of Porsche 919 Hybrid which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans (a race that goes on for 24 hours)for three consecutive season 2015-2017. Porsche 919 Hybrid, Le Mans Prototype 1 (LMP1 car), a real racer which stopped racing in 2017 since Porsche wanted to enter into Formula E (same as Formula 1 but for electric cars).

As stated by supercarblondie,” it should have, could have, would have, but wasn’t gking to be the successor of Porsche 918.” Really? Yes, it’s an abandoned project by Porsche so the silver Porsche 919 Street is the only model produced by Porsche and would remain as Porsche’s first hypercar ever.

From up front, the race car looks like an LMP1 car (Le Mans Prototype 1) which certainly is, since it is inspired by the 3 time consecutive winner of 24 hours of Le Mans with Porsche laser headlight. Just as the 24 hours of Le Mans winner, it’s an hybrid with a central fin on the roof, with two distinctive exhaust on the roof and it’s tail light.

Apparently, the hypercar takes 45 minutes to start up since it uses the same engine with the Le Mans winning car, so every time there’s intent to cruise around with the hypercar, engineers would be called fro Germany to start up the car for you. Not as interesting as thought, right? We’d just share this moment, relish it as it is.

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