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Porsche Vision Spyder: A one-off for Porsche Museum

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With the release Porsche Vision Spyder, it became glaring that more is to come. Let’s take our time here together Porsche had revealed some designs from it’s design vault after releasing six hypercars that had never been seen before delivering on one that Supercarblondie featured in Dubai : Porsche 919 Street.

Porsche Vision Spyder is not a road car but would be one for the Porsche museum. The Spyder pays homage to a 1954 Porsche 550-1500 RS Spyder driven by the late 1950’s actor James Dean. The new Porsche Vision Spyder carries Dean’s motor plate, “Little Bastard.”

Porsche Vision Spyder shares intricacies with Porsche 718 Boxster in it’s C pillar, but what really catches attention is the Vision Spyder tiny half windshield similar with Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow. Just from the front view of the Spyder, a wonder in the mind but it comes off so sad to lie in Porsche’s museum so a trip to Germany would suffice.

Porsche Vision Spyder is was built in 2019 and never was revealed by Porsche until 2020, “Porsche unseen” book has everything about the roadster. It’s appearance is appealing fro the headlight to it’s vented fenders with silver painting, same as Dean’s Porsche 550.

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