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New Hypercar Drako GTE now Drako Dragon

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Drako Dragon is not a new but it’s certainly the first time talking about the hypercar, yes, Drako Dragon is an hypercar. At first in 2019, Drako Motors introduced Drako GTE with a teaser clip, a four seater hypercar blistering 1200 hp and 8800 Nm of torque.

Electric cars are now the new deal if you’ve not known, so get in line. Drako Dragon is still same as Drako GTE with more power and control. When Drako Motors introduced itself, it was a GTE but now a Dragon, Drako GTE was dubbed to be “the most powerful GT”. Would there be a spit of fire in Drako Dragon? Well, the fire would be on the wheels when going full throttle in the 1200 hp electric hypercar.

It would still remain a break through as more companies are tapping into the new technology of making electric unleash its power. Drako Dragon would be a competition to Tesla Model S Plaid and Rimac Nevera but till it surfaces as the main deal.

Drako Dragon powered by four permanent magnet hybrid synchronous motor on each wheel, blistering 300 hp totalling 1200 hp with a top speed of 206 mph, with 90KWh battery pack. Drako Motors said it would be seen January 2022, so sit tight and wait.

Drako Dragon has a heavy price tag of $1.2 million. Drive modes include race mode, track mode, dry mode, rain mode, snow mode and ice mode; it would be a crazy ride on snow and crazier driving in ice but that’s how Drako Dragon would be.

Source: Drako motors and carscoops

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