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Honda Prototype in 1,000 acre Worksite

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Autonomous driving has surely taken a drastic turn, one that most may find outrageous. That’s it, outrageous does it all. Honda has rolled out its Autonomous Work Vehicle , a prototype that has been completed and put to work in a 1,000 acre Black and Veatch Worksite in New mexico.

Where else would the all electric AWV be tested if not in a Worksite big enough to test all its capabities. Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle drives on its own even avoiding obstacles using GPS, radar, lidar and stereoscopic cameras. At the 1,000 acre Black and Veatch Worksite, Honda AVW performed towing activities and transporting construction materials, water, and other supplies to pre-set destinations within the worksite. 

First unveiled at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, the second generation rugged all-electric autonomous vehicle capable of towing 800 lbs and 1590 lbs upwards. Honda AVW can work for 8 hours in high temperature and requires 6 hours to charging (120V).

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