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Renault Robo-Vehicle: Renault EZ-Ultimo

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Renault EZ-Ultimo is the last of Renault trilogy, Renault EZ-GO and Renault EZ-PRO, an array of Renault’s futuristic concept cars. Renault EZ-Ultimo was first unveiled in 2018 Paris Motor Show, the fashion show for automobiles in Paris Renault’s home ground so where would it be appropriate to showcase a world class car to the world and car enthusiast at large.

The French futuristic car beholds all at hand, a fully autonomous wonder to stare at. Renault’s signature logo illuminates light with LED light from the wheels to form a L-shaped headlight that connects the bumper, a front view that keeps one staring although the illuminating logo giving it up. Renault calls the futuristic luxury car, ” a robo-vehicle for premium mobility experience.”

With the ever rise in perfecting innovation and technology, Renault EZ-Ultimo is a luxury for relaxation for that stress free ride from the airport to the hotel, cruise ride in a resort or a touring car around the city. Its fine aesthetics that would certainly keep eyes locked without doubt but we’d wait on to the future for self driving electric car.

Renault EZ-Ultimo is a self driving car that use cameras, LIDAR, sensors for level 4 autonomy while delivery comfort to it’s occupants. Not like any other car out there its door slides and glass raises up to welcome occupants to a spacious three seat cabin in 2+1 seating arrangement. Yeah, that’s right three seats. The luxury autonomous car is definitely not an everyday car but one for the opulent because of its premium experience in it’s service and technology.

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