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Renault EZ-PRO: Delivery Concept Car

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Nothing seems to be impossible, if you really take the time to think of impossibilities becoming possible then that’s the benchmark for the future. 2018 was an outstanding year for Renault especially after the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, Renault rolled out with the EZ concept cars for probably 2030 and beyond. The future we waited for in the past years has become the present and later becoming the past.

Renault EZ-PRO is an autonomous commercial vehicle concept designed for delivery services which was first unveiled in 2018 at IAA commercial vehicle show. Renault EZ-PRO operates by a leading pod in which other pods follow from behind. The leading pod has a driver to take delivery of important items and other pods work independently of the main pod but can be controlled by the driver in the main pod via a joystick.

Definitely Renault EZ-PRO pure aesthetics has same designs with Renault EZ-Ultimo and Renault EZ-PRO are the attraction of the self-driving automobiles.

Renault calls the EZ-PRO ” an autonomous, electric, connected, and shared robo-pod concept for the future of agile, last mile delivery solutions for every type of professional.” Time only tells it all as the future is here and electric and self driving cars are no longer a strange concept.

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