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Aston Martin Valhalla : An All-Wheel Drive Hybrid

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Aston Martin Valhalla is a rear mid-engine, rear wheel drive hypercar that was developed by Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing. Aston Martin tags the Valhalla, the “son of Valkyrie” because it shares some features with Aston Martin Valkyrie like it’s dinedral doors, same steering wheel and similar body work.

Aston Martin Valhalla |

Aston Martin first teased a concept version equiped with 3.0 L Aston Martin twin turbocharged V6 engine. After changes were done in Aston Martin and a new CEO came in, a former head at Mercedes-AMG, Tobias More, Aston Martin Valhalla is equipped with a 4.0 L Mercedes-AMG twin turbocharged V8 engine mated with an 8 speed dial clutch transmission gearbox. The Plug-in hybrid blisters a total of 937 hp as compared to the previous 986 hp of it’s concept version. The engine alone cranks out 740 hp and the hybrid system adds 197 hp totalling 937 hp. The hybrid hypercar blisters from 0 – 62 mph in 2.5 seconds reaching a top speed of 217 mph and in its EV mode only the hypercar drives at 80 mph with a 15 km range.

Aston martin valhalla |

Aston Martin Valhalla is powered by a Rimac150KW/400V battery that supplies an two permanent magnet synchronous electric motor, one placed in the front and the other at the rear. Driving in the mode only, power is generated only to the front axle and 100% power at the rear wheel when not in the EV mode.

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The hypercar is similar to the Valkyrie as the it is made of carbon fibre and it’s dihedral doors ushers one to a two seat cockpit ready for the road. Aston Martin Valhalla had a cameo in James Bond 007 franchise No Time to Die, in a wind tunnel but was stationary.

Aston martin valhalla |

Only 999 units would be made at $800,000 and ready by the end of 2023 or first quarter of 2024.

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