Lamborghini Murciélago

The Ultimate Lamborghini Murciélago

There’s an unquantifiable joy that is felt when in face with a rare beauty.Lamborghini Murciélago brings with it the thrills to make car enthusiast glued to it’s sheer presence .Lamborghini Murciélago which replaced Lamborghini Diablo meaning ‘Devil’ in Spanish, represents a fighting bull – whereas the passion of the spirit of bullfighting- the powerful driving …

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Cars- The Lifestyle Chosen

I never knew I could do this, rather wasn’t expecting what today would be like.How long does the journey take?Watch for a lifetime, live the lifestyle. Lots of people out there are living the lifestyle (Manny Khoshbin, Supercarblondie, Shmee150, Thestradman, The_collection1) numbers actually doesn’t quantify.Living a life, a life that was a dream (many already …

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Ferrari 250 GTO

The Great Reward- Ferrari 250 GTO

Starting price after production of the road legal Ferrari 250 GTO was set at less than $20000 precisely $18000, and since then this piece of contraption has a record sale of $70 million today.With just 36 250 GTOs manufactured between 1962-1964, although another figure of has 39 250 GTOs been certified by Ferrari.Anyway, the 250 …

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