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The Most Extreme Race On Earth – 24 Hours of Le Mans

You’d probably remember the 2019 race movie, Ford Vs Ferrari by Matt Damon and Christian Bale, then you’re familiar with the 24 hours of Le Mans or not, just download and enjoy the extreme race movie. I’ve seen some impressive tracks with its twist and turns and none compared with Circuit de la Sarthe located at Le Mans, France. The circuit is a 13.6 km long road that includes a 9 km public road and 4.5 km circuit road. Sounds like fun driving. I always have in mind doing some extreme run in the Autobahn but would kill to be at Le Mans (literally). The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the most physically and mentally demanding race for not just drivers but the car and the teams.

The 24 hour race is one that involves strategy, preparation, thoughts and lots of luck – nothing is certain in the endurance race. The winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans is determined by the car that travels the most distance without any mechanical fault.

As drivers step on the throttle to reach top speed of 300mph via 6 km Mulsanne straight, putting immense stress on the engine and slowing down from 250 mph to 60 mph for sharp corners causing wear in the brakes.

More like the track and field event, relay, where baton is handed to team mates to continue the run till the finish of the race. The good aspect is th4 hours race, day and night would also involve three drivers that are allowed to drive for at least 4 hours before a different driver takes the steering- no baton required.

The endurance race is a 50-50 race, decisions are taken without hesitations. The very idea of having up to 60 cars on a track all going over 200mph all at the same time, four to five times during the day and the night tells how extreme the race is.The world’s oldest active endurance race started since 1923 till date. The innovation of the automobile industry through endurance racing has sort to see more reliable engines to be built to get drivers ready for the hot weather during the day and the cold weather during the night.

Growing up and just interested with the F1 race was the only sports on my mind, I recall one of those days in an uncle’s house and not wanting to go home just to listen to the sound of the F1 cars was just amazing (spent the night just listening to those engine rev) Michael Schumacher made my younger days glamorous. The 24 hours of le Mans makes all the goosebumps. The thrills, the speed, the turns, the accident, the flying cars, the track having effects on the tyres, going into the pit and spending less time than intended, just encompasses the whole event.

It’s just insane how one sits in a car driving at 250 mph and slowing down to make a sharp turn, a slight hesitation could send the driver off track or another driver overlaps. Different scenarios to play because of the unexpected.

24 hours of le Mans , the greatest endurance race for car and driver that host more than 250,000 car enthusiast spectators to witness the glamour and thrills.

According to racing legend, Yannick Dalmes,” To get to the top, drivers, mechanics, crew have to start working together closely months before the race. Racing situations have to be simulated in the factory and the entire team needs to develop a really good feeling. Right from the start, you need to have the same objective, Victory.”

The event has four categories of cars that participate in the 24 hours run; LMP cars – Le Mans Prototype cars – divided into two categories, LMP1 and LMP2, just like Volkswagen ID.R.

LMP1 cars are purpose built cars that are designed to try and win, they are the fastest cars in the event with top speed over 200mph with pro drivers line up.

LMP2 cars are purpose built cars that are extremely fast but not up to LMP1 cars with pro drivers and one amateur driver.

GTE Pro cars are road going cars like Porsche 911, Ferrari 488, Aston Martin Vantage; all pro drivers.

GTE M cars are road production cars with two amateur drivers like BMW

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